From Sketch to Art

I’ve been taking a course with art director Giuseppe Castellano (Penguin), founder of The Illustration Department, whose courses I can highly recommend. For this particular course (Summer Session) we were invited to submit a sketch for a project we are currently working on. I decided to illustrate a PB manuscript I wrote a few years back and ever now and then pull out to revise. For now I think the latest revision is pretty good, so what better timing to work on some illustrations to add …

I invite you to take a look at my process and the different stages for this particular illustration:

  1. Sketch: Instead of sketching with pencil on paper, I primed a 16 x 20″ canvas with coloured gesso, then did a monochromatic oil sketch using burnt sienna mixed with either black or white



2. As suggested by Giuseppe I changed the pose of the polar bear slightly and tried out my colour palette



3. Next: checking values in greyscale



4. I decided to add more colours, keeping the entire manuscript in mind. Although I haven’t painted them yet, I pictured the previous and following pages to this illustration and decided to treat the background with the same care as the two characters



5. I researched my two different bears and their territories some more. Since I’ve never been to the tundra, I looked up videos on Youtube. Here I’m trying out colours and adding texture:



6. Trying out more coloursIMG_5249.jpg


7. For now “final” illustration


I hope you liked seeing my progress and process.

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