For some people ‘abundance’ may mean plenty of money, for me it means having more than enough of every good thing. First and foremost: gratitude! The rest comes by itself…

Harvest time has begun in our orchard and once again I feel like a child: happy! As a little girl I sat with my stoic grandfather for hours down by the creek picking red currants by the bucket. These days I do the same with my daughter, though the location has changed and we no longer listen to the gurgle of the water flowing by, but my daughter’s favourite tunes. Great times nevertheless!

IMG_5533.jpg IMG_5535.jpg

But not nearly as much fun as picking cherries with pretty much the entire family:

IMG_5511.jpg IMG_5530.jpg

IMG_5550.JPG IMG_5521.jpg

After the great times in the garden come of course the not so rosy times in the kitchen, but by cooking up some great recipes, come usually also some good stories to be saved for later …

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