Shape and Form

“Shape and Form” is the name of an art show held at the Federation of Canadian Artists very own gallery in Vancouver over the next three weeks, from October 30 to November 11, 2018. Shape and Form is special as it combines paintings and sculptures in the same exhibit, versus the usual two dimensional format. Working with the Sculptors’ Society of British Columbia, whose society was once part of the FCA, they’re proudly reuniting for this joint exhibition. The artwork in “Shape and Form” responds to questions of space, depth and illusion. Even if you don’t live in Vancouver or close by and can’t visit in person the gallery at 1241 Cartwright Street, on Granville Island, across from the Granville Island Hotel and Performance Works, you don’t want to miss this exhibition, since it has been decades that the FCA has seen three dimensional work. For all of us living far away, here is the sneak peak!

I feel fortunate to be included in this particular juried show, as are two other members of the Bayfield Artist Guilt, a group of artists that hopefully and eventually might become an Ontario based Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. I’m a member of both, and I’d like to introduce you to two of my local artists friends and their fabulous work:

The first artist I’d like you to meet is Martina Bruggeman. She is a self-taught artist from Strathroy, Ontario, and masters the art of capturing water scenes in acrylic perfectly. She  owns a small organic farm, has run her own art gallery in the past and likes to dabble in new art forms like encaustic, etc. “As a Canadian Artist,” she says, “I am determined to live a creative life, dedicated to painting images that I have captured with my camera.” Check her out @MartinaARTIST

The second artist is Debra MacArthur and this is her beautiful entry. Debra is best known for her landscape paintings of places that she has discovered while exploring remote and back country areas in BC when she spent 30 years living in Whistler. In 2014 she moved back into her family cottage in Bayfield Ontario, where she had spent her childhood summers. These days she divides her time in summers spent in Bayfield and winters in Borrego Springs, California.

Finally, my own entry to the show, “Shape and Form”. Check out the show, will you?


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