Hibernation is Over

It’s February. Already. As much as I like to hibernate in January, time moves on and eventually it’s time to reopen the doors to the world around us. Our community mourns the sudden death of a great man ripped away in the prime of his life. It reminds us of how fragile life is and that we better use our time to live life to our fullest potential, just like he did.

2019 surely holds many wonderful opportunities, to all of us.

For me it is exploring new ideas and giving them a life through words or paint or collage and submitting my artwork to the many opportunities and themed art shows lining up throughout year, while staying open for new projects. I’m also showing some of my work at the Goderich Coop Gallery that is always worth a visit when you’re in town.

I’m busy fleshing out and then will be writing/illustrating some of the exciting picture book ideas I gathered in January through Storystorm thanks to the wonderful Tara Lazar. 

And of course there are the many exciting art classes. Some I will be attending as student, because I believe in life-long learning. Others I will be teaching as instructor, most of them at the Southampton Art School. If you like a sneak peak or like to register early, here they are. Simply click on the highlighted words to get more info:

A very relaxed art class that will ease you into the season is Coffee Time! – May 16, when you’ll be encouraged to sip and dip into this delicious beverage while learning all the relevant techniques you’ll need for all water based mediums.

INK-tense – June 19 -21 is a three-day workshop I’m really passionate about. Get in the wonderful flow of ink and learn to paint spontaneously versus controlled, watch colour explode on your page, draw lines, and combine it all, e.g. images with hand-lettered words. It’ll be intense, but I guarantee it’s a lot of fun also.

Then I will devote my time for my popular children and teen classes over the summer:

For the 6-8 year olds: Diving Deep into Watercolour I July 8-12, and August 6-9th Diving Deep into Watercolour II

For the 9-12 year olds: Same dates as above Animalia I and Animalia II.

For the 11-14 years olds we’ll dive into Modern Art. You’ll learn about lots of Modern Artists and, inspired by their art, create your own piece of “Modern.”

In fall I’ll be offering one more course for adults, Paper Art – Cuts and Collage, September 18-20th

Art is a wonderful way to get back to your core, find what is truly important to you, and without much effort gets you creative not only on paper.

And should you require a Certified Elemental Space Clearer to get rid of stagnant energies in your home or office and need a little help to reinvent your life, look no further. Get in touch with me or wait for my next post to learn some more.

Now it’s time to gently wake up and come out of hibernation, one step at a time. You are not alone outside your cave. Be brave.

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