Love is the Antidote to Fear

Dear Friends,

So I told you about my new website and when you can expect to hear from me and then... nothing. Silence.

Chances are, you have not even noticed my silence, because the world is pretty much occupied with the corona virus, and truth be told, Frederick and I have been, too. We have not only been following the news closely, but have been struggling with some kind of strange virus, corona or not, that kept us exhausted for way too long.

I know, you likely are worried. The world changes so quickly and we have entered unprecedented and unpredictable times. We are worried about our elderly parents, our small children, our friends and family with pre-existing heart or lung disease, auto-immune diseases, dementia, etc. - and we certainly also worry about our finances. Some of us have already lost loved ones to the disease or its effects. Some of us worry about our relatives working in hospitals, nursery homes, the cleaning industry or grocery stores. A big thank you to all of them! We much  appreciate your courage and selflessness!

We worry, because we don't know this new terrain. How did we even get ourselves into this? Where does it lead? Worry and anxiety comes from fear and we naturally fear the things we don't know yet. Most all of us can deal with the problems right in front of us. We are not afraid of taking action, but... doing nothing? Staying at home? Waiting for the things that might or might not come? Being left to our many thoughts ... that's frightening.

From what I read, this new virus is not only affecting our respiratory system, it can also affect - and damage - our heart, even in persons without previous heart disease. So please take your 'time-out' to rest!!

The heart centre (or heart chakra) however, is not only the physical location of our lungs and our heart, it is also home to our feelings such as fear and love. This is were our worry and anxiety sits, but also our compassion and bravery. If you want to give it a colour, it is green. If you want to give it a sound, it is "AH" just as in "Mum." You can relieve your physical and emotional heart pain by humming the "Ah" sound, e.g. "muuuuuuu.....m". Place your hands on top of each other over your heart centre and hum, or simply breath deeply. - Or if you are very anxious, place one hand on your forehead and one on your heart, close your eyes and breath. Breath in love, exhale fear. Inhale courage, exhale worry. Inhale calm, exhale anxiety.  -- Better?

Now might be a good time to start a daily Energy Routine to boost your energy level and immune system. I'd like to introduce you to Donna Eden, the pioneer of Energy Medicine. Donna's joyous, almost childlike personality is simply contagious. (A note to my clients: this energy routine is perfect for our times, but doesn't necessary replace what I taught you for your individual situation. There's no harm in doing both. 😉) 

Finally, since love and fear live in the same place, love is the antidote to fear. You can't shoot at fear, you can't build walls to protect yourself of fear, but you can love your way out of fear. You can hug the ones you live with and if you live by yourself, try to hug yourself. It's silly but it feels good. Be kind to yourself and to others. Everyone reacts differently to this kind of stress, so be patient and tolerant. Tell your family and friends that you love them. Tell the people filling shelves at the grocery store that you appreciate them. Call your elderly neighbours, for sometimes you are the only one they will talk to all long day.   

We say, "We are all in this together." Such truth! But we forget that we've always been in this together. If we take advantage of others no matter how far away, we harm ourselves in the end. If we care for others no matter how far away, we feel the results as well. Rarely do we see results right away. It is said that all the pain we inflict on others we will feel on ourselves when we die. I don't know if this is true. I just know that on the other side there's neither pain nor fear. Just love. 

Be well my friend. This too, will pass. 

With love and light,


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