Welcome to my new website! - I’m so excited to finally present you the result of what my wonderful web designer Sara Lombardi and I have been working on for quite some time. I sure love the sight and feel of this new website, don’t you? Sara was so easy to work with, was very patient and respectful of my thought process, and always willing to change things around to make sure everything was the way I wanted things to look. Most importantly, Sara was very generous and innovative with ideas AND created my fabulous new logo! Isn’t it gorgeous? So… if you’re ever in need of a fabulous graphic designer, let me point you in her direction! Have a look at her portfolio: 


What’s new in 2020? -  Many of you know, that I’ve been working with energies for a long time now. My art patrons and some of my students are possibly not aware of it, since I tried to keep these two fields separate: art and art instruction - and energy healing and space clearing. But since I’m one person and want to present you the real me, I included the two fields I’m most passionate about on the same website. In the end, it’s all about serving you, because… I care about you and the world we share, and you - yes, YOU - truly matter in this world!

Of course I’d love to work with you - but only if you think working with me might be a good match. Therefore, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter and to subscribe to my blog so that it’ll arrive straight in your inbox and you’ll never miss a new blog post.

Since Mondays can be a little dreadful, I’ll post every first Monday of each new month an exercise to lift up the “Energy” in your space (home/workplace) or your body to start each new month in an upbeat fashion.

I’ll be sharing “Art News,” which can be in the form of tips and tricks, showing you my work in progress, or sharing the latest news, e.g. where I’m currently exhibiting artwork.

As I live on a farm and believe in the healing properties of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, I’ll be sharing recipes and remedies fresh from the “Farm-acy,” so you’ll be equipped for a healthy living.

Of course I don’t want to clutter your inbox, so feel free to sign up for only the blog posts of your interest. I look forward to connecting with you in either field.

And finally, to celebrate the launch of my new website, I'll award my "in-depth long-distance elemental space clearing session," a $470 value, to 1 randomly chosen winner among the first 100 subscribers! What are you waiting for? Sign-up now! (You can find testimonials for this service on my site)

That's all for now. Stayed tuned. 

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