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With over twenty years experience, I enjoy to inspire creativity in others, may they be children, teens or adults. I have been teaching art and demonstrating painting and sculpting techniques in elementary and high school settings, in art schools, art galleries, community events and senior homes. My teaching style is to show possibilities and bring out each student’s individual talents. I look forward to creating with you.

Art Classes for 2020 are in the planning. Please check back again.  




“My daughter loved it ! She was excited to come each day and really enjoyed what she learned and the lovely instructor!”

“Our daughter really enjoyed her week making animals. She said her teacher was very nice and helped everyone with their work. Very pleased with this class!”

“Antje has now taught this art course to both of my granddaughters – they both enjoyed it very much. Antje and her daughter are very enthusiastic, creative teachers who inspire and make the paper mache creations fun to do for all of the students!”

“My daughter greatly enjoyed the week. Noticable development of art skills!”

“This was a wonderful class – great instructor and wonderful pieces of animal art were created! See you next summer !”

“The animals were so creative and fun for my daughter.”


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