I’m Antje, a German/Canadian fine artist, writer/illustrator and intuitive.

I’ve always seen myself as an artist. Since I can remember, I was drawn to colours, literature and animals and eventually I tried to combine all three, meaning my artwork is heavily inspired by my love of reading and writing, and my love for nature and animals. Born in Germany, I studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, as well as privately with several artists, including assisting a traditional oil painter, working with a stage designer, and apprenticing with a stone sculptor.

Initially known and commissioned for my pastoral landscapes and whimsical portraits of children and animals in traditional oil, I more recently went on to experimenting with mixed media, e.g. ink, charcoal and recycled or handmade paper. I see myself as a life-long learner, observing the world around me while trying to make sense of it through art. My curiosity in my subject matter and my desire to capture a moment in time, guide me when I apply my knowledge of traditional art techniques with improved methods and sometimes unorthodox practices. To me the process of art making, the thoughts and joy that flow into its creation, is just as important as the finished product, which I hope the art collector will enjoy as much as I enjoy creating it. 

In 2000, I moved with my husband to a farm in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada, where I started “collecting” animals. I lived my childhood dream! The same year I gave birth to our daughter, but due to complications following the birth, I experienced the struggles of dying and finally the indescribable beauty and bliss afterward in Heaven. Though granted to stay in Heaven, I reluctantly decided to return into my body when offered the choice to be with my infant daughter. I regretted my decision almost instantly when I realized that because of my health I couldn’t even care for my baby’s basic needs at the time.

As I slowly recovered from my health issues, I discovered that as a result of my NDE (near-death experience), I could feel other people’s emotions and symptoms of health issues and grief. Though I occasionally interfere with electronic devices, I can communicate on a soul level, and have been studying extensively and working successfully with energies energy healing and elemental space clearing to better understand make a positive difference in the lives of clients open to this kind of healing experience.

While raising our daughter, getting accustomed to farm life and my new sensitivity to energies, I was busy continuing my work as artist. I have exhibited in group and solo shows in Germany and Canada as well as in many national and international juried shows, where many of my paintings have been sold and some have been recognized with awards. Many of my artworks have been commissioned and are found in private collections throughout Canada and USA, Germany, Italy and Spain — as well as on book covers. 

I’m a member of  SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists), a founding member of the FCA Toronto, and an art instructor at the Southampton Art School.