About Antje

Everything has to be first imagined before it can manifest into form. But no form is ever permanent, everything is in motion all the time.

This is where I come in as either an artist or energy healer.
As an artist, I try to capture a moment in time, interpret it and make it visible through form and paint. A good painting however, is never finished by the artist alone; it needs the interaction with the viewer to be completed in its entirety. 
As an energy healer, I know that energy has to be in flow so that we experience ease. If, however, energy flow becomes blocked, we experience struggle, trauma, dis-ease and pain. Let me help you to get back into the flow.

I’m Antje - a fine artist - teacher - and energy healer. 
At home in nature and ‘tantalized’ by colours all my life (I see words, numbers emotions, music, etc. in colours), I moved to the city to study at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany, and in addition, trained with a traditional oil painter, apprenticed with a stone sculptor and worked with a stage designer. All this gave me a solid foundation to explore on my own and to eventually find my voice. Even before I moved to Canada, I have exhibited and sold my artwork in galleries and local, national and international art shows where some of my works received awards. With over 20 years of experience in instructing art classes for all ages and all levels, I believe that in an environment of respect and encouragement, everyone can become creative.
My interest in energies came as an after-effect of my near-death experience in summer of 2000, when I experienced the struggles of dying followed by the indescribable beauty and bliss in Heaven. Humbled by my experience, I returned into my body and eventually to the art world, but I struggled. Occasionally, I would interfere with electronics and tv, computer and radio frequencies and to my surprise, I could tune in to people’s emotions and symptoms of pain and disease, or feel the energy in my surroundings more intense than most. At first, I found this ability irritating, but with time I understood it to be a gift.
Since I experienced a huge amount of pain before and after my NDE, it was my initial desire to take away pain and suffering from people. Guided to study the potentials of herbs and plants, I subsequently added energy medicine, sound healing, elemental space clearing and intuitive healing through touch and frequencies e.g. of light and colours to my curriculum, all to better understand the healing powers of nature and of electromagnetic and subtle energy on the body.
I bring this knowledge not only into my healing practice, but also into my art making and teaching. To me art and energy intertwine beautifully, and can't be separated from each other. 
Unfortunately, we all go through life with our own share of pain and grief to experience. I can't take this away from you. But I can teach you techniques to activate your body's own healing properties, shift energies to remove blockages and traumas and help you see perspectives in situations that seem hopeless. 
Even animals respond to me with trust and keen interest in my work. 
Since I can communicate on a soul level, I have helped many people through their peaceful transition at the end of their lives. Many physicians are open to my complimentary healing approaches and respect and welcome my presence and ‘interference’ even in hospital settings.

To preserve my own energies, I work with only very few people at a time. I don't advertise my services other than word of mouth. If you feel drawn to what I can offer, please do contact me! 

I'm at your service: amo.antje@gmail.com

Warm wishes,