Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

Everything in life is made of energy. The human body is no exception and since it's not a closed system, it exchanges energy with its surroundings. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed.

When there is constant flow of energy, we are in a healthy and balanced state. Only when energy is blocked does it create un-ease and/or dis-ease.

The human body has seven major energy centres also known as “chakras”. They are located along the spine, starting at the base of the spine and ending at the crown of the head. The constant spinning energy in these chakras correspond to nerves and major organs in the body as well as the psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. In a healthy body energy can flow in and out of the chakras with ease. Too much stress, negative experiences or injury can clog your chakras. Then your entire system becomes unbalanced and you may eventually get sick.

Through chakra clearing I can re-open your chakras by removing blockages layer by layer, allowing energies to move freely again, which returns your body into harmony.

Contrary to a long-held belief, we store our memories not only in our brain, but also in our heart, gut, cells and in our aura which is the seemingly empty space around our body. In truth, however, there's no void space in the entire universe but rather an eletrical charged plasma. Have you ever felt uncomfortable when someone you were engaging in a conversation came too close and invaded your “personal space”? This is actually your energetic biofield you felt being entered.

I use tuning forks to remove traumas that are stored in your aura, or scientifically called, "biofield." These traumas reveal themselves as energetic blockages, which I detect and then drag - with the help of tuning forks - to the corresponding chakra where your body can heal them. You can easily follow the sound and perceive where the blockages occur. While I can tell you approximately how old you were when the physical, psychological or emotional trauma occurred, only you will briefly remember what happened then. As soon as I have dragged the blocked energy into your corresponding chakra, you will feel relief and the need for external healing methods may dissipate.

It is not necessary to do a chakra clearing prior to a biofield tuning. However, if you choose to only have one session, I recommend a chakra clearing. Though I offer either one session or bundles of three, six, or nine sessions, I highly recommend at least three sessions to get the desired benefit. No matter how many sessions you decide to book (you can always book more at a discounted price later), I never hold back, but give you my full attention and best care during each session. Sometimes your body is just not able to process the changing energy as fast and might need more time (and therefore more sessions) to reach the desired state of well-being.

Like with Reiki or similar healing modalities, you can relax on my massage table - fully dressed - and in the comfort of your home. My Intuitive Energy Healing method improves just about any and every aspect of life, from physical health to emotional well-being to stress reduction and mental clarity. It can help anyone who is suffering from various kinds of major and minor pain or trauma, and can be used safely as complementary therapy for patients in hospitals or hospices to reduce physical and emotional pain or fear. In my healing practice I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit and rely on my intuition.

Due to the fact that energy is not bound to certain locations, I can do remote sessions if requested. Please contact me for details.

I look forward to working with you.

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Disclaimer: Intuitive Energy Healing does not substitute for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions by physicians or other qualified healthcare providers. Rather, it is intended to offer information to help you promote your own good health and to cooperate with healthcare professionals in a mutual quest for optimum well-being.

Testimonials for Energy Healing - in person:

"Dear Antje,

Working with you was an absolute dream - many thanks for the incredible job you have done in helping me to reach new heights in my energy healing journey. 

The remote healing experience was truly amazing - even before knowing you personally I could feel the positive vibrations coming from your methods. 

Working with you in person was such a blessing and I felt a new level of higher power as you worked through each of my chakra points. I will never forget the amazing energies that moved through my body (some in and others out) as we completed our sessions. I am already sleeping much better and feel a deep sense of peace - the heaviness I have felt in the past is notably lifted!

Working on the biofield in our last session together left me with a renewed sense of peace and calm. 

It’s a shame that my stay here in Canada couldn’t extend to allow us to have 3 or 4 more sessions together, but I feel the work we have done together will resonate and continue as I travel home. 

To get to know you and experience what you are able to do with people is simply a miracle - your open personality and willingness to have such meaningful conversations truly makes life easier and has brought new light in my life!!

Thank you for being you, Antje!! Working with you was one of my life’s greatest blessings!" - Melanie Greif -- Germany 


"I took two chakra clearing and one biofield tuning sessions with Antje during my four week-vacation in Canada. Not knowing what to expect, I felt safe at all times. It’s hard to put my experience into words, since Antje used only her hands during the chakra healing sessions without touching my body, yet my body responded with deeply moving sensations e.g. an ebb and flow of warmth, cold, slight pain in some regions that then disappeared, relaxation and even emotions like grief. In my second session I entered a state of such deep relaxation and inner peace that I felt ready to let myself fall into God’s hands had it been time to pass on just then. In my third session I didn’t feel my body reacting to the tuning forks the way it had to the energy of the hands, but I could hear the sounds changing at times. After each session I fell into a brief trance-like sleep from which I woke up utmost refreshed. Overall, I had only positive experiences and felt relaxed and balanced in body and mind after the sessions. I would highly recommend Antje’s energy healing sessions to anyone open to this kind of experience."

Jens M. -- Germany


"Awesome! Thank you very much for the instructions and your healing treatments. They are so wonderful and it has helped me a lot." 

D.S. -- Canada