Energy Work: Healing and Space Clearing


Intuitive Energy Healing

Everything in life is made of energy. The human body is no exception. Since it's not a closed system, it exchanges energy with its surroundings. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed.

When there is constant flow of energy, we are in a healthy and balanced state. Only when energy is blocked does it create un-ease or dis-ease.

The human body has seven major energy centres also known as “chakras”. They are located along the spine, starting at the base of the spine and ending at the crown of the head. The constant spinning energy in these chakras correspond to nerves and major organs in the body as well as the psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. In a healthy body energy can flow in and out of the chakras with ease. Too much stress, negative experiences or injury can clog your chakras. Then your entire system becomes unbalanced and you may eventually get sick.

Through chakra clearing I can re-open your chakras by removing blockages layer by layer, allowing energies to move freely again, which returns your body into harmony.

Contrary to a long-held belief, we store our memories not only in our brain, but also in our heart, gut, cells and in our biofield (aura) which is the seemingly empty space around our body. Have you ever felt uncomfortable when someone you were engaging in a conversation with came too close and invaded your “personal space”? This is actually your energetic biofield you felt being entered.

I use tuning forks to remove traumas that are stored in your biofield. These traumas reveal themselves as energetic blockages, which I detect and then drag - with the help of tuning forks - to the corresponding chakra where your body can heal them. You can easily follow the sound and perceive where the blockages occur. While I can tell you approximately how old you’ve been when the physical, psychological or emotional trauma occurred, only you will briefly remember what happened then. As soon as I have dragged the blocked energy into your corresponding chakra, you will feel relief and the need for external healing methods may dissipate.

It is not necessary to do a chakra clearing prior to a biofield tuning. However, if you choose to only have one session, I recommend a chakra clearing. Though I offer either one session or bundles of three, six, or nine sessions, I highly recommend at least three sessions to get the desired benefit. No matter how many sessions you decide to book (you can always book more at a discounted price later), I never hold back, but give you my full attention and best care during each session. Sometimes your body is just not able to process the changing energy as fast and might need more time to reach the desired state of well-being.

Like with Reiki or similar healing modalities, you can relax on my massage table - fully dressed - and in the comfort of your home. My Intuitive Energy Healing method improves just about any and every aspect of life, from physical health to emotional well-being to stress reduction and mental clarity. It can help anyone who is suffering from various kinds of major and minor pain or trauma, and can be used safely as complementary therapy for patients in hospitals or hospices to reduce physical and emotional pain or fear. In my healing practice I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit and rely on my intuition.

Due to the fact that energy is not bound to certain locations, I can do remote sessions if requested. Please contact me for details.

I look forward to working with you.

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Disclaimer: Intuitive Energy Healing does not substitute for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions by physicians or other qualified healthcare providers. Rather, it is intended to offer information to help participants promote their own good health and to cooperate with healthcare professionals in a mutual quest for optimum well-being.

Testimonials for Energy Healing:

"Dear Antje,

Working with you was an absolute dream - many thanks for the incredible job you have done in helping me to reach new heights in my energy healing journey. 

The remote healing experience was truly amazing - even before knowing you personally I could feel the positive vibrations coming from your methods. 

Working with you in person was such a blessing and I felt a new level of higher power as you worked through each of my chakra points. I will never forget the amazing energies that moved through my body (some in and others out) as we completed our sessions. I am already sleeping much better and feel a deep sense of peace - the heaviness I have felt in the past is notably lifted!

Working on the biofield in our last session together left me with a renewed sense of peace and calm. 

It’s a shame that my stay here in Canada couldn’t extend to allow us to have 3 or 4 more sessions together, but I feel the work we have done together will resonate and continue as I travel home. 

To get to know you and experience what you are able to do with people is simply a miracle - your open personality and willingness to have such meaningful conversations truly makes life easier and has brought new light in my life!!

Thank you for being you, Antje!! Working with you was one of my life’s greatest blessings!" - Melanie Greif, Germany 

Elemental Space Clearing®

Elemental Space Clearing® is the sacred art of shifting and changing  energy felt in a home, workspace, or office. 

As a certified professional Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner, it is my pleasure to be of service to you. I gladly help you to turn your home into a sanctuary, where you can embrace your joy, and explore your pain. A place of comfort and well-being, where you can be yourself and realize your dreams. (In some cases you might want to change the energy in a store, clinic, meeting place, farm, stable, studio, new or renovated apartment building, or land development. I can do that as well.)  

Have you ever entered a space where you immediately felt light and uplifted? Or have you experienced walking into a room where the atmosphere left you feeling depleted and drained? Perhaps you have noticed how heavy and tense a room feels after an argument has taken place? All this can be explained in terms of the energy of environments.

Every space has energy. Your home is not only a composite of materials assembled for shelter, but also every cubic centimeter of it – whether solid or seemingly empty space – is composed of infinite flows of energy. Sometimes energy in a home or office can become stagnant and dull. When this is the case, you may feel tired and listless, may get sick, or become agitated and angry.

Elemental Space Clearing® builds on an ancient practice known to all cultures all over the world yet has unfortunately faded into obscurity over the past century. Traditionally, it was performed by priests and medicine men and women to clear emotional energy, the energy of previous occupants, and even the energy of spirits and ghosts. You can still find remnants of space clearing practices in the Catholic and Orthodox church, as well as in Aboriginal cultures.

Due to my belief and intimate relationship with our Creator, I ask the Holy Spirit for guidance before each clearing and work through Spirit as well as with the four elements (water, earth, fire and air) to shift the energy in your home or work environment. After the undesired energy is cleared, I will infuse your space with the energy you desire to create a home or workspace that nurtures and uplifts the soul.

During the space clearing you will notice that I work with mudras (Sanskrit for “seals” or “signs”) which are devotional hand gestures used in many cultures across the world for a variety of purposes, including blessing and healing, but also known in yoga or martial arts. Using mudras is one of the ways to shift the energy in your home by dispelling or activating certain emotions. I also use them to implant and seal healing qualities in your living or work space.

I invite and encourage you - and all members of your household - to participate in the space clearing and will gladly explain everything I do.

There are many space clearers who work with realtors to clear the energy of properties that are hard to sell. While I can do that and welcome inquiries, my main focus is directed on my clients’ well-being to create an environment that uplifts the soul, brings you joy and supports healing. I intend for your home to become a sanctuary where you can truly be yourself. Or your workspace a place where you (and your team) love to work, are motivated and get less sick, while your clients enjoy doing business with you.

Here are some reasons why you may choose a Space Clearing for your home or workspace: 

  • Moving into a new home: you don’t want to live in someone else’s energy.
  • After or during an illness: to clear away unhealthy energies & promote well-being.
  • new relationship: to clear old energies and patterns, preparing the space for a loving future together.
  • A new baby or family member: to clear stagnant energy, preparing the home for a nurturing future and helping all members to adjust to the new situation.
  • After the death of a loved one: to clear the emotional clutter around the loss of that person (so that the essence of that love can be felt clearer).
  • After purchasing or inheriting antiques: especially wooden furniture holds on to energies. Some energies from previous owners can block energy flow or make you unwell.
  • To create clarity in life or prepare for a life change.
  • To release negative habits / to inspire creativity.
  • In the event of a new job/ or new employee / or restructuring a workspace setting.
  • Releasing a home for sale: sometimes energetic ties to the previous owner are so strong that the energy makes a house difficult to sell.
  • Building a new home: it is good practice to first clear the energy of the land before building a healthy dwelling on it.

What is involved in a Space Clearing?

  • Our initial interview/assessment will take place at either your home or office. We will talk about what you wish to receive from the space clearing, the intentions that you wish to manifest, and any negative energy or emotion that needs healing. We will walk together through your home/work space to assess the current energy.
  • I ask that you hand-draw a floor plan of your home or work space. In the time between our initial meeting and the clearing, I will extensively prepare through meditation, gathering of tools, and by creating a special altar – just for your space – to manifest your intentions. This will take me a few days. Your floor plan will be an invaluable help.
  • It is really important that you tidy up your home prior to the clearing. If you can, consider de-cluttering your home or office, as this will help to create a more powerful space clearing. Choose one area or part of your home or office that you’ve been meaning to re-organize with this simple philosophy in mind: if you love it, keep it and if it no longer serves you, throw it out or donate it.
  • On the day of the clearing, we will create a unique, sacred aItar in your home/office. As we set the altar, we will manifest your intentions. We then move through your home or office together and I will clear the energy and invoke your desires. This may take up to four hours and will depend on the size of your home.         

After the space clearing, I will bless you and your home, leaving you with the most beautiful, fresh, invigorating energy and powerful manifestations that bring unexpected blessings into your life. Your home will become a sanctuary, where you can embrace your joy, and explore your pain; a place of comfort and well-being, where you can be yourself and realize your dreams.    

What is involved in a long-distance Space Clearing?

You may live too far away for me to get to your home or workspace to do an in-person space clearing. In that case I can help you to find an Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner closer to you, or we can do a long distance space clearing. I have done long distance clearings across Canada, the United States, and Europe. In my opinion they are equally as powerful as in-person sessions.

How does it work?

  • We have our initial interview/assessment either by email, on the phone, or via Skype etc.
  • I ask you to send me a hand-drawn floor plan of your home or office along with photos if possible.
  • I then spend time creating your altar & setting intentions through meditation for your personal space clearing. I will share and explain to you all I do and guide you on this journey.
  • We will decide on a day and time for the remote space clearing and reconnect through email (or your preferred method) before the clearing. I will perform the same ritual as I would do in person. After the clearing we will reconnect once again.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. If desired I will be available for support long after a space clearing has been completed.

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Disclaimer: Elemental Space Clearing® is no treatment of medical conditions. Rather, it is intended to help participants promote their own good health and well-being, and improve the quality of their living and working environment.

Testimonials for in-person Space Clearings:

“Our home was lovely before the clearing, but now the new, happy feeling is all through the house. A new energy that you can feel, a sense of enlightening and a sense of peace was given to us after the clearing with Antje. — I highly recommend Space Clearing to you and to anybody else.” - Alma Hawkins, Ontario

“Some things are not taught in any schools, universities, or seminars … they are straight gifts from God. Antje has such a gift. To describe Antje, I can’t say enough what a wonderful human being she is, bringing so much peace and healing power with her. I believe my trust in God and asking Him for help has brought us together. I met Antje after my husband’s passing. My husband struggled for decades with Parkinson and loosing systematically control over his body, he decided to end his own life. I have lost my father when I was a young woman. I have lost my daughter shortly after in a car accident; and now my husband. — I carried a deep sorrow that nestled in me for many years, and after my husband’s death a heavy load seemed to come over me like a blanket, especially when near the place where my husband had died. At one point I had such a fear going through that building, I didn’t recognize myself anymore. Antje taught me to harness my fear by talking aloud with the enemy to leave our place.  We had Antje do a space clearing on our property and with Antje’s support, guidance and prayers my family and I all participated in the clearing. The heaviness lifted and since I feel free when going back in that area.

Most of all I have learned that Heaven is not only a movie on TV!!  My family and I feel very blessed that we have met Antje. We like to thank her with all our heart.”  - Christa Ihrig, Ontario 

Testimonials for long-distance Space Clearings:

“Oh, how I love Antje! When I decided to get a house clearing, I had no idea it would be a life clearing. What first blew me away was how detailed all of the questions were, how thorough. I felt like someone really wanted to come in and be with me through all the choices I had to make throughout the years and really look at what I could let go of, what power I did have, what changes were so easy to make everything feel better. I felt like she was loving me through it all as I was sharing some parts of a terrible story that my kids and I had gone through. I felt as if she was hugging me and witnessing what no one else in my life had really taken the time to do. I was able to share pictures of my home and also be loved through that. I could cry thinking of the pain stories of getting here and how blocked I felt, how trapped. Then something started to lift as she gave me guidelines to start cleaning and clearing my house in preparation for the actual session. I saw changes in my kids, my neighbors, my cats even! The day of the ceremony was exquisite. This is a remote session, so we made time to connect via email throughout the day. When it was complete, she generously shared pictures of the alters she was guided to create specific to the healings I was asking for and shared her experiences in lengthy detail. All day I felt there was an ease, a softness. Now it’s like there is almost a blank canvas and yet it’s all decorated in the love foundation I pulled through everywhere. I felt like the guilt, the shame, the repeating stories were pulled out of the home. That night and the next day we were all very tired but since then the changes from our freedom have been incredible. Overall, I felt seen, held and loved and I can’t recommend Antje enough. She’s extraordinary. I adore her.” - Teri Sertic, Michigan

"When I first started communicating with Antje, it was a time when my house just felt ‘off’. I couldn’t pin it down to one issue, but it certainly felt like it was clinging on to some energy which was holding us back as a family. I was restless and overwhelmed when I came through the front door each day.

Antje asked me for a lot of information about me, my family and the house. It was an interesting experience trying to provide the detail required for the space clearing and I was so impressed with the care and attention she gave to us as a family and our home.

The beautiful way she cleared and cleansed the energy, room by room, also brought up some interesting insights into what was stuck, and we worked together to make sure that the energy clearing was as powerful as possible, even though we were miles apart in different time zones.

I thank Antje for the care and effort she brought to the space clearing, and for explaining everything so beautifully, and for holding a space for me as her client throughout the process. I know I certainly gave her many challenges and her patience has been exceptional.

A month or so after the clearing, I feel differently about my home. It’s easier to focus in my office, and easier to relax when I need to. I look forward to seeing more changes as I embrace the space, we call home.  I would recommend Antje to anyone." - Lisa Kent, UK