Antje Martens-Oberwelland doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty whether she’s painting or working on her family’s farm in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. A native German, formally trained in fine arts, she brings a European flair to her artwork. Antje works mainly in oils or experiments with a variety of media on or with paper, depending on whatever she feels suits her current project best. Inspired by her rural surroundings, her love for animals and the outdoors, her travels, and her desire to get to the bottom of things, her artwork can be described anywhere from whimsical to pastoral to abstract. Antje’s paintings are found on book covers and in art collections across Canada and USA, Germany, Italy and Spain. Antje is an experienced art instructor for children and adults, a published children’s writer, and a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists).


The less known facts about her person:

Antje sees emotions, numbers and letters in colour (Synesthesia), which makes calculating in her head or words spelled out to her a quite colourful and sometimes overwhelming experience. On the bright side, life never gets boring for her.

Antje is sometimes nicknamed, “Katze” (cat), because cats (and many other animals) seemed to always have been attracted to her as well as the other way around, but also because she has the curiosity of a cat. “Curiosity killed the cat.” ( … “But satisfaction brought her back.”)

Antje had a (near-) death experience in July 2000, hours after giving birth to her one and only daughter. Having experienced the struggles of death and the indescribable beauty and bliss afterward in Heaven, she reluctantly decided to return into her body when offered the choice, only because she thought she was responsible for her little girl. She regretted her decision almost instantly when she realized that because of her health she couldn’t even care for her baby’s basic needs at the time. – Though “stuck on earth again,” she’s no longer afraid of death but is looking forward to going home one of these days… 

Antje can feel other people’s emotions, and symptoms of health issues and grief. She can communicate on a soul level and has been working successfully with energies (energy healing and elemental space clearing) using intention, prayer, the elements and sound to make a positive difference in the lives of clients open to this kind of experience. You can learn more HERE

Antje is a literally re-born Christian and has an intimate relationship to our Mother Earth, our Father in Heaven, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.



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